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Software for Recruiting and Staffing Agencies

Recruitzi is a Workforce Management solution that optimizes on-demand staffing and scheduling with real-time communication and workforce tracking.

Recruitzi is a state of the art recruiting software that helps recruiting agencies in managing their workforce efficiently. In addition to an Applicant Tracking System, our recruiting software includes other valuable workforce management features like client management, temp management, job scheduling, timesheets approvals and invoice generation. Recruitzi is designed to manage the lifecycle of staffing agencies, their customers and employees using a single platform. Our staffing and recruiting software is designed to transform the way temp recruiting agencies used to connect with their employees and help them better manage their hourly workforce.


  • Post Staff Requirements
  • See who is coming to the job
  • Monitor staff activity
  • Assign star ratings
  • Approve timesheets


  • Auto match Candidates
  • Send Job Offers electronically
  • Confirm candidates for shifts
  • Communicate via SMS & Alerts
  • Monitor their progress


  • Setup your profile
  • Confirm your availability
  • Accept job offers
  • Go to work
  • Submit your timesheets